The KS Family

Jim and Ashley Walsh, the father-daughter team behind Kimo Sabe Mezcal, span many years in the agriculture business. With a history working with the people of Mexico, they’ve cultivated a reputation for making the best tasting products. And they aim to deliver the best-tasting agave drink to their customers - Kimo Sabe mezcal.

The family’s agrarian passion began in the fields of Hawaii, cultivating the first-ever chocolate plantation in the US. Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, lauded the “world’s best chocolate” by the New York Times in ’95, saw it’s vintage and varietal concept flourish in the chocolate industry, the first of it’s kind.

Embedding themselves into the culture and learning about the history of agave, the father-daughter team fell in love with agave the way they had with cacao. Quetzalcoatl (God of Cacao) and Mayahuel (Goddess of Mezcal) both deemed with the highest regard as food and plants of Mexico.

Like with their chocolate, the mezcal tale began with a quest to create the sweetest, most flavorful mezcal, working to live up to the history of it’s godliness and the eight years of solar packed energy it imbues.

Now they find themselves at the start of this new venture - Kimo Sabe Mezcal. The name a Sonorian Indian phrase that means trusted friend. And that’s what they hope you find in Kimo Sabe – a trusted friend.

Diana Rivas, the KS Mexican Production Manager and wearer of many hats, received her education in graphic arts in Mexico and Spain. Pursuing her love for art, she worked as senior designer at Carlos Slim's Soumaya Museum until 2011. Fascinated by the Walsh's passion and expertise for flavor and delighted by the brilliance of their endeavors, she started collaborating with Jim Walsh in his agribusiness venture in Mexico as his corporate project coordinator. As project manager of the Kimo Sabe Mexican operations she is combining her love of art and agriculture management. She loves having one foot in Mexico and one in the US.​